Cooking Kacang Pool with Pamelia Chia


What in the world is kacang pool? Pamelia thinks only 2 out of 10 Singaporeans would know of it.

We caught up with Pam of Singapore Noodles to chat about ~real~ local food, from lesser-known heritage dishes to classic home-cooked fare. We also made kacang pool – a super simple #circuitbreaker-friendly recipe (also a perfect breakfast for this Hari Raya weekend!)

With this WFH-life going on indefinitely, it’s never too late to start cooking. Once you are done with DIY bubble tea and handmade pasta, why not try your hands at orh nee, roti prata or your grandma’s prawn bostador? #supportlocal

Kacang Pool recipe video:

Full recipe here at Singapore Noodles’ website.

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