I Left Teaching To Become A Beekeeper At 57

I Left Teaching At 57 To Become A Beekeeper. But This Happened.
Having grown up without much, I turned to teaching for a stable income and spent 37 years as a school teacher and vice principal.
I loved that bees embody diligence, teamwork and loyalty, values I strongly relate to. People around me thought
I was crazy to leave a comfortable job and start a bee garden, but I just didn't want to live with any regrets.
It's been 5 years since I started my own bee garden in Yishun. In January, I had to move out as the land would be used for housing development. It was disheartening to hear as I felt like I had just started gaining momentum with my business.
As I counted down the days to my move, I transitioned into a makeshift place to hold my bees safely, as I continued looking for a new home. But it's been tough finding a new place as land is scarce in Singapore.
Everything in my garden was built and grown by me over the years. I remember when i first started, I had to clear the weeds from the ground on my own to make space for my bees.
The best thing about my garden is the large tree canopy that has sheltered my bees and me from seasons of heavy rain and hot weather.
It's going to be something I'll miss dearly,
In the past 5 years, I have grown my bee colonies from 1 to 12 and have educated thousands of people about bees.
I want to continue proving to people that even someone in their 60s can follow their dreams.
Many people have asked if I'd ever stop working, and I can confidently tell them 'no' because just like my bees, I will work until I 'expire'.
I know there is still fight in me to continue advocating for the bees and be a voice for them. So I'll just take each day as they come.
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