Goreng Pisang with Sambal Recipe by Pamelia Chia


Most locals would know what Goreng Pisang and sambal are, but can you imagine them together?

In Flavour Memories, Pamelia Chia speaks with a chef to recreate this favourite primary school street snack. How will she fare? 🙈



50g dried chillies, cut in half and soaked in hot water for 30min
400g red onions 
60g garlic 
20g belacan 
2 stalks lemongrass
200g oil 
50g white sugar, 40g brown sugar
45g tamarind pulp
Salt to taste
400g water 

Base batter:
200g rice flour 
10g baking powder
5g salt 
240ml water

Goreng Pisang Batter:
200g base batter
50g steamed, grated tapioca
140g water


– To prepare the sambal, drain the chillies and grind with onions, garlic, belacan and lemongrass until a smooth paste forms.
– Fry in the oil in a wok until the paste turns a deep dark red.
– Season with sugars, tamarind and salt to taste.
– Thin out with water, adding more until your desired consistency is achieved. 

Goreng Pisang:
– To create the base batter, whisk all the ingredients together until smooth.
– Blend 200g of the base batter with the tapioca and water until smooth.
– Peel bananas, then dip them in the batter and deep-fry at 200C until crispy.

Author Pamelia Chia

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