ABAM ABAM: Singapore’s Young Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Neighbours | 7:43 mins

Road hoggers, hooligans and gangsters? Truck drivers can work for as long as 14-15 hours every day, plying the road across Singapore and Malaysia. Despite working hard for their family, they are often dismissed as road hazards and blamed for causing accidents by other drivers.

Teddy Tora, a trailer truck driver, is also the club president of Abam Abam Trailer Singapura, a community of young heavy vehicle drivers in Singapore. One of the pioneers of the community, Teddy hopes to correct misconceptions and improve people’s perception of truck drivers. As the community grows, he also encourages fellow truck drivers to actively help out with charity work at least once a month.

This story is inspired by @HBOAsia’s brand new original series, #InvisibleStories. Filmed entirely in Singapore, the series brings to life the joy and struggles of everyday people. Premieres 5 January on HBO GO.

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