One of Singapore’s Last Few Radiophone Taxi Services

Neighbours | 3:34 mins

When was the last time you heard a taxi uncle speak into their walkie talkies to get customers? In Singapore, Taman Jurong Radiophone Taxi Service was the first to use radiophone technology as a means to link up passengers with cabbies, which they still use up to this day.

With the advent of efficient ride-sharing businesses, the days of radiophone taxis might be numbered. However, Geok Szan and Mu Tong are some of the people left who continue to serve the community through the old-school devices, keeping their walkie talkies and friendships alive.

📍The Taman Jurong RadioPhone Taxi Service Ltd.
Yung Kuang Road, Jurong Town
Singapore 610066
Tel: 62657996

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