The Kimzua Craftsman

Neighbours | 03:38 mins

“Hell is a beautiful place.”

Mr Lai Yew Onn started his paper crafting business after realising he has the creative mind, and the nimble fingers, to create intricate paper effigies.

Many steer away from picking up this profession because of its difficulty. “I taught 4 kids before… I told them to sit on this low stool. After an hour, their backs began to ache. I told them to take a break. They left and never returned,” he said.

He added that screens turn white here. And sometimes, he hears un-human voices in the wee hours. They’re window shopping, he believes. Well, I guess there are some pretty queer things that happen in this shop 👀 

Yew Chye Religious Goods Trading
Block 5 Jalan Minyak #01-330, Singapore 161005

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