This is How I Overcame Sexual Assault | Something Private Podcast

Offbeat | 21:00 mins

You must be wondering, what’s Something Private? 

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Something Private is a project by the OGS team, where we focus on female stories, health and wellness. ‘In Her Words’ is a sub-series of Something Private, a safe space for women to share the crazy hardship they’ve gone through and how they emerged stronger than ever.

Nicole, the host, steps away from the mic and hands it to someone with an important story to tell, a story about a survivor of sexual assault. She shares about the rape, and how five years on, the journey to overcome still carries on. If her story might provide comfort to someone you know, share this with them. Or if you just need someone to listen, reach out to us. Everything you share will be kept private.

AWARE provides counselling for women and their hotline is 6779 0282 or you can email them at

Oogachaga works with the LGBTQ+ community and their hotline is 6226 2002, WhatsApp 8592 0609 and email

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